Earlham College and the Grew Bancroft Foundation announce a new scholarship program for Japanese students
Earlham College,( located in Richmond, Indiana and the Grew Bancroft Foundation in Tokyo ( have formed a new partnership to provide scholarships to Japanese students to earn degrees at Earlham.  The Earlham-Grew Scholarship provides at least 70% of the college’s tuition for four years up to 3 students each year. 
Earlham is one of the nation’s leading colleges of liberal arts and sciences and also an international college ranking sixth among all U.S. colleges for its percentage of international students.  It has 1,100 students with 18% international.  Earlham is among the top ten colleges nationally in its commitment to undergraduate teaching excellence according to U.S. News and World Report.
 “We are thrilled to be working with the Grew Bancroft Foundation in support of Japanese students pursuing their undergraduate studies in the United States,” says Avis Stewart, interim president at Earlham College. “For more than 50 years, our faculty have been at the forefront of efforts to develop a strong relationship between the United States and Japan, resulting in outstanding scholarship and opportunities for off-campus study, dual-degree and student- and faculty-exchange programs. We look forward to deepening our relationship with Japan through this exciting new partnership.”
For 90 years, the Grew Bancroft Foundation ( has provided scholarships to Japanese students at liberal arts colleges in the U.S.  Over 200 students have graduated with this program and currently about 30 students are enrolled at US colleges/universities.  The foundation is named after two late U.S. ambassadors to Japan, Joseph Grew and Edgar Bancroft, both of whom made major contributions to starting and supporting this program. 
“We are extremely delighted to start this scholarship program with Earlham College.  Earlham has a long history of constructive involvement in Japan and a very fine Japan studies program.  Most of our directors are former Grew Bancroft scholars and graduated from leading liberal arts colleges like Earlham.  We believe in the value of residential liberal arts college education.”  Ken Matsumoto, Chairperson of the foundation
Application information for the Earlham-Grew scholarship will be announced on the website in April, 2019.  (
公益財団法人グルー・バンクロフト基金 ( とEarlham大学( 米国インデイアナ州リッチモンド)はEarlham大学で学位取得を目指す日本人学生に奨学金を提供する新たな提携を結びました。この奨学金は毎年3名まで授業料の70%以上相当を給付することになります。
Earlham大学は全米を代表するリベラルアーツアンドサイエンス大学のひとつです。外国人留学生の比率は全米で6位と高く国際的な大学でもあります。学生数は1100人で外国人留学生比率は18%です。 US News and World Reportによれば大学教育の質へのコミットメントでは全米でトップテンに入ります。
「この度、日本の学生がアメリカの大学で学ぶのをグルー・バンクロフト基金と協働して支援することになりとても感激しています。 50年以上に渡り当大学の教授陣は日本と米国の間に強固な関係を築く努力の先頭に立ってきました。その結果、学術的に秀でるだけでなくオフキャンパス研究、ダブルディグリープログラム、学生並びに教授の相互交流プログラムなども実行してまいりました。この素晴らしい新しいパートナーシップを通して日本との関係をより深めることができると心から期待しております。」(Avis Stewart, interim president at Earlham College)